Protecting democracy from danger

Protect Democracy is a cross-ideological non-profit organization dedicated to defeating the authoritarian threat, building more resilient democratic institutions, and protecting liberal democracy. As authoritarianism continues to rise in the U.S., they needed to clarify their vision, story, and how they delivered their work to Capitol Hill, state legislative houses, and corporate boardrooms.
Interactive Storytelling
Through interviews and a series of user tests we discovered that those Americans who hold democracy sacred were the most compelled to engage when we compared American democracy to other democracies, especially invoking the idea of “preserving democracy for future generations.”
Monitoring Authoritarianism
The Authoritarian Threat Index is a compelling data visualization that tells the story of the rise of authoritarianism and shows how certain decisions and moments can increase the slow roll authoritarianism in the U.S. and abroad.
A Brand for the Modern Patriot
The result was a credible, expert brand that used editorial collages to provide a feeling of modern patriotism. The brand highlights a multi-racial, cross ideological organization that is devoted to democratic principles — and understands the urgency of the moment.
The Authoritarian Threat Index has increased engaged visitors by 30%.