Help is three steps away

The PAN Foundation helps people receive financial assistance through micro grants for a variety of diseases and medications. Working with their team, we built a web-based product to qualify and approve visitors for a grant.
A help-first approach
We centered our around around finding help quickly. Our audience interviews and surveys show patients were carrying a greta deal of stress. Many had just been rejected at the pharmacy counter for medication they require. Plotting out user journeys (and later workflows) helped us keep this top of mind and prepare for technical implementation.
Tested for speed and accuracy
Once we developed a working prototype, we quickly put two variations in front of audiences to see how quickly and how accurately they performed. We weeded out redundancies and legacy language to create a audience-first approach.
A simple quick application
The final tool accounted for three audiences, over 90 funds, 450+ medications, and included waitlist, upsell, and additional help conditions based on income, insurance, and health condition.
Application time was reduced by 15% and increasing qualified applicants by 27% in one year.