A window into environmental science

NOAA is one of the government's best kept secrets– they keep track of the weather, created GPS, and literally keep the trains running on time. However, back in 2017 their digital presence and message was divided between multiple properties and products, none of which had worked together or had a strategic purpose. I led a UX, design, and strategy team to reimagine this agency online.
In our research, we discovered there was a huge appetite for science-based content in the U.S., specifically among people already warm to and aware of NOAA. We used this insight to reposition and its existing content as a front door to curiosity and science. Not only did this show the value of the agency, it encouraged further engagement.
NOAA desktop
After a couple rounds of user testing, we landed on an experience for that felt like a content forward digital science magazine.  We fleshed the look and feel into design system that showed off the breadth of NOAA’s work as well as the science behind it and built a visual language that was distinctly NOAA.
ALDF case page
NOAA icons
NOAA icons
Bounce rate on the site declined 40% within the first year. was nominated for a Webby in 2016.