Care + Connection

Working together with GLMA – Health Professionals advancing LGBTQ+ Equality and the Tegan and Sara Foundation, we created a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals to find and connect with trusted, healthcare providers.
Designing with, not for
To ensure success, we worked with LGBTQ+ leaders, providers, and the community to build realistic healthcare journeys and passed prototypes through a series of hallway "zoom" tests with experts and community members to ensure an inclusive experience. These were supplemented with technical user flows to ensure a fast, secure experience.
Optimized to encourage action
The end result was a tool that feels authentic to the LGBTQ+ community without being too “clinical” with a safe, friendly and effective user experience that made sure providers could sign up in five minutes or less.
The directory has had over 5,500 provider profile referrals and a 9% conversion rate to over 2100+ providers.