Making animal protection a human responsibility

The forty year-old brand needed a new message, look, and a new lease a life in order to remain relevant in a crowded animal protection space and appeal to younger audiences. I led a UX, research, design, branding, and communications team to accomplish that little over a year.
It was no surprise that most animal protection organizations supported extreme, emotional positions. What was surprising was that most of them were either singing to the choir or targeting audiences that would never value their message. After conducting a national brand survey, I worked with ALDF to craft a message and strategic direction that focused on responsibility, impact, and reason. From there, we developed new audience personas, a content strategy, and user journeys to open minds and wallets.
ALDF desktop
The brand, design system, and the messaging that came as a result played up this responsibility by showcasing animals in their natural environments while balancing materials that showed the real problem. A simple, but robust information architecture showcased all the work while supporting multiple audiences. Cases were made into stories so that people could become invested in and understand how the legal system is the best way to protect animals.
ALDF case page
Print collateral
ALDF style guide
The system was scaled to thirty student chapters, print collateral, and social media campaigns. In less than a year, visits from the prized millennial demographic increased 436% on the site. The site won a Webby in 2019.